BuzzFeed by eko
Interactive video
Camp by Walmart Activity
Interactive Video
Website for open-source image editor Glimpse.
p5snap is a command-line interface that creates and saves snapshots of a p5 sketch.
Data Visualization Keynotes
Promotional graphics for MS Data Visualization department
Phase Mask
Live-coding environment
Pim Ketras
Machine Learning Model using Kim Petras's Lyrics
Roddy Schrock
Personal website for Roddy Shrock
artloop is an Electron app that cycles through a folder containing web based projects.
Fictional Super Computer Installation
Instagram Face Filters
Leandra Medine x MANGO
React.js slot machine for retail experience.
NYE Wonderville Algorave
Outfront Media / MTA Map Experiments
Slime Futures
The Oxbow School Recruitment Keynote
SVA Recruitment Presentation
Inside Cyber Command